Enabling shifts in men’s thinking pattern according to the pure word of the Lord.

Building a business foundation on the word and the fear of God.

Obtaining multiple grace from God by the fruit of humility and submission to the word of God to pay the price for excellence and greatness in life.

Advocating that greatness in life requires a structured plan for the future, and entrance into the same by a solid foundation.

GRA Chosen for greatness is opened for all individuals who plan on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Consistent renewal by fasting and prayer, praise and worship, the word of God and hearing God as regard the direction and course you must take to be great. 

Emphasizing a consistent plan for setting, rearranging, evaluating, and strengthening the purpose of your objectives.

Presenting a detailed faithful management plan for your present resources that will launch you into the abundance that God has packaged for you.

Presenting a detailed plan for the use of your time in a way that glorify God and bring blessings to men.

Developing a passionate heart for the search of wisdom and gathering of knowledge through God’s word.

Associating with people who have a common interest in progress, success, growth and great ideas.

Helping to developing your skills and talents.

Learning the systems and spiritual strategies of God to becoming all that we can and much more.

Helping to discover ways to live uniquely as designed by God for an individual.

Learning how to be thankful and joyful with what you have while pursuing the set goals of greatness that God has set before you.